Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance Options

Enjoy Basic and Essential Health Plans at Affordable Prices

You can get basic and essential health plans to enjoy limited health insurance benefits at a considerably lower cost. However, before buying such a plan, it's very important to read the policy description carefully because they don't cover some basic treatments such as chemotherapy, certain prescriptions, and maternity care. Request a FREE quote.

Unlike indemnity plans or a managed care option, the rates of health plans vary considerably. This is because the premiums are community-rated and are based on your age, gender, health status, occupation, or geographic location. You may receive benefits in one lump sum or they may be paid to you in installments.

Supplemental Hospital Insurance Plans

Don't let a serious illness wreak havoc on your savings. Get a hospital indemnity plan so that even transportation and childcare costs are covered. Supplemental hospital insurance, also known as a hospital indemnity plan, will take care of you if you suddenly find yourself in the hospital. Call Integrity Insurance Solutions today for more information.

Take charge of your health with the help of “Patient’s Bill of Rights” under The Affordable Care Act. This act gives the American people the stability and flexibility to make informed choices about their health. You can even get dental and vision insurance policies. We offer 24-hour emergency services in case you need any help.
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